The Ice-man
Juke Box Hero
”Standing in the rain, with his head hung lowCouldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold out showHeard the roar of the crowd, he could picture the scenePut his ear to the wall, then like a distant screamHe heard one guitar, just blew him awayHe saw stars in his eyes, and the very next dayBought a beat up six string in a secondhand storeDidn’t know how to play it, but he knew for sureThat one guitar, felt good in his handsDidn’t take long, to understandJust one guitar, slung way down lowWas one way ticket, only one way to goSo he started rockin’Ain’t never gonna stopGotta keep on rockin’Someday he’s gonna make it to the topAnd be a juke box hero, got stars in his eyesHe’s a juke box heroHe took one guitar, juke box hero, stars in his eyesJuke box hero, he’ll come alive tonightIn a town without a name, in a heavy downpourThought he passed his own shadow, by the backstage doorLike a trip through the past, to that day in the rainAnd that one guitar made his whole life changeNow he needs to keep rockin’He just can’t stopGotta keep on rockin’That boy has got to stay on topAnd be a juke box hero, got stars in his eyesHe’s a juke box hero, got stars in his eyesYeah, juke box hero, got stars in his eyesWith that one guitar he’ll come aliveCome alive tonightYeah, he’s gotta keep rockin’He just can’t stopGotta keep on rockin’That boy has got to stay on topAnd be a juke box hero, got stars in his eyesHe’s a juke box hero, got stars in his eyesJust one guitar, put stars in his eyesHe’s just a juke box hero, aah aah aahJuke box hero, juke box hero, he’s got stars in his eyesStars in his eyes”


Headcanon: Jack’s beloved instruments.


Jack loves all of his instruments and over the years had collected, saved and traded until he was able to get all of them. He own’s a Schecter Diamond bass, guitars a Les Paul blue burst Gibson, A Frakenstrat, a DBZ Bird of Prey and Gibson Thunderhorse. His first being the Les Paul Gibson the most cherished of them all. 




Rowan sat on the arm of Jack’s chair as she watched Phoenix fitting the others.  She didn’t know what she thought of him.  However, she saw the way that Jack was eyeing him.  ”What do you think?” she whispered to him.

”He’s perfect.” He said to Rowan not breaking eye contact from Phoenix who was busy with his work measuring each of his band mates. ”Wot do you think?” Jack asked looking at her. It was strange he almost certain that Rowan still didn’t like Phoenix however, Jack would give her the benefit of the doubt and waited for her answer.

Rowan didn’t want to disappoint him since she could tell how much he liked him.  ”I … don’t know.  He seems to be a little overpowering,” she explained.  Phoenix glanced over at Jack and a smirk came to his face.  Turning, he bent over to show off his tight pants.

Jack felt the front of his pants get tighter and he had to shamefully cross one leg over the other as he slid down into the seat to keep exposure not seen. ”I’d say you’re right on the money love, very overpowering.” he commented turning away to blush. It took about twenty minutes before his band mate’s had left dressing room to practice. 




Daphne did a little dance.  Then she threw her arms around Robert and gave him kisses on the cheek.  ”I think you and I should dress up as Batman and Robin,” she giggled.

”Ah no if anyone can have title as Batman and Robin its Rowan and I.” Jack called out with a laugh. ”Why do you call dibs?” Rob said back. ”Cuz I did darling unless you want to fight for it?” the feral grinned tilting his head from the side trying look innocent. ”Oh you are so on.” Robert said triumphantly.  

"Just don’t hurt each other," Rowan cautioned them.  Daphne brushed her off.  "Thy will be fine.  Won’t you?" she said as she kissed Robert on the cheek.  "Win us a title!"

”Oh I intend to.” Rob smiled at Daphne before he suddenly dodged an ice blast with the use of a shadow wall he created quickly. ”Jeez Jack little warning!” he yelled at his cousin who only laughed. ”Darling you should of been paying attention.” 

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